Three J's and an S Go To Mardi Gras

We’ve gotten almost a dozen reservations.”


After the girls had changed out of their costumes, Judy and Ron went out to check out Bourbon Street at night. Julie said that she and Kevin were staying back in their room to talk. When Sara heard that, she suggested that before they talked they might want to check out the store down the street that sold flavored condoms and various types of warming or effervescent lubricants. Julie’s response was her standard, “Sara!” but Kevin smiled at her and said, “We might just try that.”

Julie turned a very deep shade of red and then said in an almost whisper “If you want to, honey.”

Joan and Sara, themselves, were going back to La Rouge. Sara had talked Joan into letting her dance in the third set of an amateur night strippers contest. As they walked along, Sara leaned over to Joan and said, ‘How do people walk around all wrapped up like this?”

For the purpose of the contest, she was wearing a sensible skirt, bra, panties, and even a slip. “My body is suffocating,” she added.

* * *

All four girls slept late into the afternoon on Saturday. Ron and Kevin wanted to go explore more of Bourbon Street in the daytime, but the girls wanted to go shopping.The outcome of that discussion was obvious from the very beginning. They ended up at the Convention Center wandering through the shops and trying local cuisine.

Julie complained that the crawdads gave her the creeps. “It looks like you’re eating bugs,” she said shaking her whole body in disgust.

“Fried grasshoppers are very tasty,” Sara responded and Julie turned a rather interesting shade of green. Then she and Judy said together, “Sara!”

It was well after six when Kevin pointed out,“We’d better get back to the club. You girls need to get into your outfits for tonight.”

When they got back, Ace had the costumes for the evening laid out in the upstairs room of the club. The three sign boards were still there with their leather corslets, but gone were the capes and skirts and the latex cat suits. In their place, for The Three J’s, were bikini outfits very similar to the one which Sara had worn the night before.

Joan’s exactly matched what Sara had been wearing, including the black boots.The one exception was that in place of a large spade on the very front of the bottom piece, there was a large club. It, too, was located so that the tail of the club descended between Joan’s legs.

Judy and Julie’s costumes were also similar, but had red boots. The red heart on Julie’s front was situated so that the bottom of the heart was between her legs. That meant that the top of the heart mimicked the top of her mound even though nothing was really visible. Judy’s diamond was similarly placed.

Sara’s outfit was again a white latex bikini, except it was about half the size of what she had worn the first night and there was no camel toe shield. The thin latex conformed exactly to the lips of her sex as if it had been painted on.The top was equally down-sized so that a good portion of Sara’s breasts were exposed on the top and side. There were no nipple shields so the latex rubbed against her nipples causing them to swell slightly in response. Their outlines immediately became totally visible through the thin white material.

The only thing not down-sized about Sara’s outfit was the battery pack, which continued to hang on the back strap of the bra.She was once again wearing black, high-healed boots, but tonight they ended just below her knees.

All four face masks were scaled down slightly, but still covered the girl’s entire faces. The feathers which stuck out from the mask down and to the sides alongside their eyes made it impossible to identify them.

Once again the four girls sat on the floor of the van for the short ride to their starting point. When the van pulled to a stop, the large bouncer again opened the side door and urged them to hurry. His voice wasn’t quite as urgent as the first night and, as expected, they were basically ignored by the doorman and security people at the Crowne Plaza as soon as they were sure the girls were headed on down Bourbon street.

The crowds, however, were not ignoring Sara and her more skimpy outfit. There was soon a significant number of inebriated, young college men walking with them. Many were asking Sara for her name or phone number. One geeky-looking, very young college boy kept repeatedly scanning the card she had given him and saying, “Wow” as the girl’s bikini tops and bottoms lit up. Apparently he was more impressed by the display of technology than anything Sara or The Three J’s was showing.

The crowd got thicker with people streaming up from Jackson Square as they reached Orleans street.The Three J’s had to hold onto the shoulder braces of their signs to keep them from being knocked askew. People were bumping into them and rubbing against them, sometimes not altogether accidentally.

With just a block left to the club, Sara broke her silence when one young man reached out to squeeze her breast. “Back off frat boy,” was all she said, but she “accidentally” brushed against him with her next step. Well, actually, she kneed him in the nuts, but either he was drunk enough or Sara hit softly enough that he didn’t cry out in pain. Instead, he just smiled and bowed as she passed him by.

When they reached The Three Jacks, Ace followed them in the door. He bent down slightly and asked Sara, “A little less boring?”

“A little,” she answered with her best sly smile.

“We are up to 23 reservations,” he answered.


The midnight walk Saturday was not exactly a repeat of the nine o’clock walk. The crowd was thicker and drunker and had heard about the nearly naked chicks carrying the signs. The website said that they would be walking again at midnight, and those who had been on the site shared the news with their friends.Many were waiting with cameras as the girls came down the street, including a couple of news crews and at least one “Wild Women of Mardi Gras” video team.

Sara lost track of how many men tried to reach out and touch her. She was pleasantly surprised at how many women also wanted to stroke her body as she passed by. As they crossed Saint Ann’s, a policeman stepped up to Sara and motioned for her to stop. All he did, however, was ask, “Are you the ladies from The Three Jacks?”

Sara smiled and held out one of the cards to him. He took it and said in a very official sounding voice, “OK, then. But keep it legal” Sara noticed that as they moved past him, he quietly slipped the card into his back pocket.

It was past one when they got to the club. “Want to do a little more fun advertizing?” asked Ace handing them a large sack of beads. “Help me throw these down to the crowds from the balcony. You would be amazed what some girls–or even guys will do for two bits worth of plastic.”

A few minutes later, Sara, Ron, Kevin, Ace, and The Three J’s minus their shoulder signs, were standing on the balcony tossing beads to the crowd. It was truly amazing what a college girl would do for a string of beads. Some would just smile and say please, but most flashed their breasts even though they already had thick necklaces of the multicolored plastic beads.

Every so often, Ace would hold up a really nice, larger necklace and entice the crowd with it. He would wait until at least one of the girls had totally removed her top before throwing it out to the crowd. After a while, a few of the girls would whip off their tops as soon as they saw Ace hold up the bigger prize.

Around three, Ace said, “Club’s open all night during Mardi Gras, but I’m not. Time to finish with a bang. Get ready to go inside so the police don’t have anything to shut down.”

Sara looked at him quizzically and he explained. “We’re going to push it past legal, even for Bourbon Street, and the cops will have to ask us to stop throwing things and go inside. But if we are already going inside, they don’t have to act and nothing gets recorded in their radio logs. No hassle with the police, but everyone will have pictures to post on the internet with The Three Jacks in the background.

After making sure that everyone had finished throwing their beads and was ready to go inside, Ace held up an enormous necklace with large green, gold and purple beads, each the size of an egg. He twirled it around on his hand several times. At least a dozen young women were standing bare breasted looking up at him and shouting for him to throw it. Then one young, dark-haired girl walked into a slightly open area in the crowd and slid her dress and panties to the ground. Then she took off her blouse and raised her hands toward Ace.

Ace taunted her for a few moments and two other girls joined her naked in the street. Several police officers were starting to converge on the girls when Ace threw the large necklace. It flew like a lasso and circled the arms of the first girl. All three girls then quickly picked up their clothes and ran into the crowd away from the approaching police officers.

One of the officers pointed his baton up at the balcony, but everyone was already going inside so he just turned and continued on his patrol.


The sun was again low in the sky by the time the girls came downstairs on Sunday. They had somehow expected things to be a little quieter on Sunday, but if anything, it was more packed, more drunk, and more noisy..., and it was only four o’clock in the afternoon. Ace informed them that they had dinner reservations at one of the nearby upscale restaurants.

“It’s on me,” he informed them. “Well,” he drawled, “it’s on me and the owner of the restaurant. I got his son out of what could have been a real mess a while back, and he owes me. This’s my way of lettin’ him pay me back so he don’t have to feel beholdin’”

“This is like another country,” said Judy, shaking her head.

“Always has been,”answered Ace. “and always will be.”

After supper the girls returned to get into their costumes. “Wait a minute,” said Julie when she picked up the small, skin tight, red bikini. We wear whatever Sara wore last night. Our outfits keep getting smaller, too.”

“Figured that out, did you?” said Judy.

That isn’t what I wore,” said Sara. “Mine was white with a black spade. Your’s is red with a white heart and your boots are white. Judy has red bottoms with a white diamond, and Joan has black bottoms with a white club. Plus you have your corslets. That’s all very different from what I wore.”

Julie still looked very unsure of herself as she pulled the tight bottoms up and wiggled them in place. “But they’re the same size,” she whined. “And what you have tonight is even smaller. The only thing that doesn’t get smaller is the masks.”

Sara just smiled. Her bikini top was two small white triangles that barely covered her areola. The bottoms had a small V in the front and a thong back with only a very tiny top V above her ass cheeks. A small, black spade covered the front V. Her boots were shiny black, high-heeled ankle boots. “Don’t worry,” she said to Julie. “You will look very lovely in this tomorrow night.”

Julie’s only answer was a very worried face.

Ace came up around 8:30 to check on them. Sara greeted him with, “This is definitely getting more interesting. And there are two more nights to go!”

“Yes there are, ladies,” he answered. “Yes, there are, but tonight is tonight and it is time to walk.”

He led them through the interior alleyway to the van. It took several minutes just to get the garage doors open against the crowds on the street. They slowly made their way up to Rampart and then more quickly made the circuit which brought them to their starting point at Canal and Bourbon Street.

Word had spread of their nightly ventures. The photographers were awaiting the arrival of the van and began shooting pictures and capturing video as soon as the doors opened. Sara gave a wide smile beneath her mask and held out cards toward the cameras. The security guard gruffly reminded them, “Move it, move it, move it,” and they hurried onto Bourbon Street before the hotel people could get too upset.

Tonight it was almost impossible to move without brushing against people. As she moved through the crowd, Sara felt more than one hand caress her buttocks as she squeezed past. From the occasional “Eeek,” it appeared that Julie was having the same problem, except Sara hadn’t considered it to be a problem.

The lights on her mini-bikini were flashing almost continuously as people in the crowd scanned the cards. She ran out of cards several times and Ace or one of the security people following them quickly stepped in and handed her another deck of jacks.

When they finally stepped into the front door of The Three Jacks, Judy hugged Ron and said, “This is almost getting to be like work.” When he looked concerned, she added brightly, “It’s exciting and I love it, but you have to push your way through the crowd and I am using muscles that I don’t usually use.”

Ron gave her a big smile and said, “I can give you a massage before your midnight walk.”

She returned his smile and pulled him toward the stairs which led up to where they were staying. Julie gave Kevin an embarrassed smile and said, “My muscles could use a little massaging, too.” Then she pulled him toward the stairs before Sara could make a comment.

Joan leaned over to her and asked, “How are your muscles doing?”

Sara responded, “I could use a horsey ride–that is what she called using her Sybian, but I think I will have to settle for a cold shower.”

Joan kissed her and whispered a “Neigh” in her ear and then more loudly imitated the sounds of a horse knickering. Sara scampered for the stairs with Joan walking slowly behind her.


A little after eleven, one of the security people from The Three Jacks knocked on each of their doors and warned them that they needed to be dressed and ready in about fifteen minutes. The four girls literally ran naked from their bedrooms to the larger dressing room and hurriedly got into their costumes. A few minutes after that, they were threading their way to the garage for the trip to their starting point.

As on the night before, the crowds at midnight were larger, more drunk and anxiously waiting for the girls to appear. A cheer rose from the crowd as the girls scampered out of the van and headed toward Bourbon street. The continuos flash of cameras was nearly blinding. One video crew even had a stabilized camera on a long boom which they held above the girls as they walked. Ace’s idea to gain publicity for The Three Jacks was definitely working. The question now was whether or not he could draw in the customers, especially to the rather pricy one night private club.

The crowd was packed tighter than ever and the girls seemed to be going against the flow. Julie screeched when someone dumped a full hurricane down her front. It was apparently an accident, however, because the young man began apologizing profusely even before the two beefy security men appearedsuddenly on either side of him.

The only other problem of significance was a “wardrobe malfunction” just before Sara got to the club. The thin string holding her top together in the back broke under the weight of the battery pack and the small triangles flapped open exposing her nipples. One of the security men stepped forward, but after seeing that there was nothing that could be done merely said, “Just keep walking” and walked beside her the final half block to the club.

Kevin was waiting for them at the door, “Ace wants you girls to join him in costume on the balcony and throw beads. Judy looked a little unsure; Julie said “OK, Kevin, but you’re coming up with us.” Joan merely nodded. Sara, however lit up like it was time for presents at Christmas. She reached down to her almost not there bottoms and disconnected the battery pack. Then she handed the battery back and broken top to one of the security people.“Hold on to this for me,” she said as she scampered toward the steps.

A few minutes later, the crowd was roaring for the girls to throw them beads. Sara was standing there practically naked screaming, “This is fun.” and Julie was asking Ace, “Is that legal,” meaning Sara standing topless on the balcony.

“On the street, no,” he answered. “From the balcony maybe, but just because we are this close to Mardi Gras itself. Try that in the summertime and there’d be cops busting my ass in minutes.” He then turned to Joan and said, “She really is something special isn’t she?”

Joan laughed and said, “There is only one Sara.” Then she smiled at Ace and added, “and she’s mine.”

Ace laughed and replied, “I was only thinking in business terms, little lady... only in business terms for publicity purposes. Things will get a little more wild around here the next two nights and I was worried she couldn’t handle it. Now I wonder if the street can handle her.” He laughed again and Joan joined him in his laughter.

They stayed on the balcony until almost 4:00 am. Several of the girls in the crowd had abandoned all pretense of flashing for beads and had totally removed their tops as they stood and shouted for the people on the balcony to throw beads to them. When Ace brought out the grand necklace with which he closed each night, there was an immediate crowd of six or eight totally naked girls vying for the huge plastic necklace. While most of the girls stood right under the balcony reaching up toward ace with their hands, waiting for him to throw, one girl stood out in the middle of the street with her hands held straight up in the air as though she were tied to a post.

“That little girl knows that I like a challenge,” laughed ace and tossed the necklace so that it opened up into a spinning circle that dropped exactly over the girls arms and spun around her body as it made its way to the pavement at her feet.She quickly scooped it up and ran into the darkness before the police could close in.

She could have saved herself the effort. Tonight the police were just looking on with a glazed boredom that reflected their inner thoughts that there were only two more nights of this shit before they could finally get a day off.


Monday night, Sara was still in bed when the security people knocked on the doors and said, “Time for costumes and makeup.”

“It’s only 4:30" she complained.

“Your outfit is going to take a little longer tonight,” the security man answered. “They want you there at 5:00.”

Sara hurriedly showered, dried her hair, and then reported to the room where the costumes were kept. Two young black women wearing smocks were waiting for her. One was holding what appeared to be a small pencil with a hose running down to an air tank. Ace followed Sara into the room.

“Tonight you will be showing more... and less,” he explained.“This is your costume,” he said as he held up two small stars and what appeared to be a really odd hair band connected to a dildo.

“Betty Jo will show you how this works, and once it is in place Madam Tarue will spray paint the rest of the costume on your body.”

One of the girls came up to Sara and said, “Just take everything off, honey, I will show you how to put this in place.”

Sara pulled her dress up over her head. It was all that she was wearing, so she was standing naked in front of Ace and the two women. Holding up the stars, Betty Jo said, “These are basically pasties. They fit over your nipples. We’ll tape the wires straight back and then down to the g-clip.”

“Usually a g-clip doesn’t have an insert,” interrupted Ace, “but we had to have someplace to put the batteries.”

Betty Jo guided the clip in place between Sara’s legs and slowly pushed the battery pack up into her vagina. On the front side of the clip, just barely covering her clit and the upper part of her sex was a large spade. On the back, just above the crack of her ass, was a slightly smaller spade.

“Let’s test this before they paint things in place,” said Ace and he scanned one of the cards with his cell phone. Both spades as well as the pasties flashed several times. “Looks like it’s workin’” he said with a slight laugh.

“Oh,” he added, “tonight there will be one difference in the light show.If someone actually pays for a reservation, the spade in front will flash really bright like you’re taking a picture.Every time it does that you know that someone’s bought in for a night at the club. We are at over 70% and climbing. I was hoping for at least 60%, now I’m thinking we might really sell out.”

He smiled broadly and a definite twinkle appeared in his eyes as he said, “And Sara, just to keep things interesting, there are a few other things the light show will do, but you’ll figure that out on your own.” Then he left.

Madam Tarue was an artist and artists cannot be rushed in their work. She slowly covered Sara’s entire body with a harlequin patter of black and white squares.In some of the white squares, there was a small black spade. In some of the black squares there was a small white spade. The paint felt cold and strange as Madam sprayed it up between Sara’s legs.

Finally Madam said, “I am almost totally finished. Stand with you hands out from your body and your legs apart while I make sure everything is dry. The last thing we will do before you go is to put on you shoes.” She held up a pair of high-heeled black sandals with leather thongs that would wrap up around Sara’s legs. “That way,” she added, “you will be more comfortable standing around for the next half hour or so.”

Sara looked up at the clock. It was a little past eight. It had taken three hours to apply the makeup.

The door opened and The Three J’s came in to put on their costumes. “Wait a minute,” said Julie. “Am I going to have to wear that tomorrow night?”She sputtered, “I can’t show that much skin..., and she doesn’t even have a mask.”

“There is a smaller mask that covers the eyes and the top of the face,” explained Ace, who had come in with them. “And besides, she is actually showing less tonight than she did last night. In any case, tonight you three are still wearing bikinis.”

“But there is no way I am going to risk ending up topless in the middle of Bourbon Street,” whined Julie rather angrily. “Even if I do agree to wear that tiny bikini.”

“You have no worries,” said Ace in his most soothing voice. “We have attached your battery packs to your sign supports so there is no danger of breaking the bikini straps. And as you saw last night, the crowds themselves are getting more and more daring. We have to be just a little more daring each night in order to stand out.”

“Come on Julie,” said Judy, “in for a penny in for a pound, and we already are in way past a penny.”

Julie looked back and forth between Ace, Judy, and Joan and then finally gave a big sigh and said, “OK, but I am not going to go up on the balcony and throw beads in this. Looking up at it, it will look like I am naked.”

“Oooo, I hadn’t thought of that,” squealed Sara. “Thanks for telling me, Julie.”

Julie’s only response was “Sara!”

It was practically impossible to get the van out of the garage, but the security people finally cleared enough of the street to let them pass.Sara was not able to sit because of the makeup, so she was more or less standing bent over with her hands braced against the window ledge on one side of the van. While that protected her makeup, it did give a very interesting view through the window for anyone on the other side of the street as they passed by.

In a few moments they were at the drop off point and the security man who accompanied them was yelling his standard, “Move it. Move it Move it.”

The mob of photographers and video people was even larger tonight and two of Ace’s security people had to act like a snow plow to open the crowd in front of the girls. It would have made no difference if Sara had attempted to speak tonight because the noise of the crowd downed out all but the most intense voices.

After about two blocks, a bright flashing light almost blinded Sara. She looked around to see from where it was coming before she realized that it was from her own crotch. Someone had purchased a reservation.

After three cycles, the light stopped flashing and suddenly Sara stood very still with an odd look on her face. Now she understood Ace’s mirth when he said that there were a “few other things” that would happen when someone purchased a reservation. The “battery pack” didn’t just look like a dildo, it was a dildo and it was vibrating madly within her. Mild electrical shocks were also tingling her nipples.

Julie asked, “Are you alright, Sara?” and Sara replied, “I was just thinking about how much you are going to like wearing these costumes tomorrow night.”

Sara “flashed the crowd” another dozen or so times by the time they reached the club.

During the midnight walk, her flasher only went off five or six times.

After they were back at the club, Judy, Joan and Sara joined Ace on the balcony throwing beads. Around three, Sara stood next to Ace and said, “You know, it might attract more crowds if my flasher went off continuously for a while.”

Ace smiled at her and said. “On continuous cycle the battery will only last about fifteen minutes.”

“That’s OK,” she responded, “I’ll probably only last about ten.” Then she gave Ace a very wicked smile.

Ace reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. A few moments later, Sara’s crotch was acting like a beacon drawing people’s attention on both Bourbon Street and Dumaine. Sara was not throwing beads, but was instead holding tightly to the railing with both hands. Her mouth was open in an O and she was panting.

“Sara seems to be really enjoying this,” Judy said to Joan.

“Sara is Sara,” was all that Joan replied.

After about fifteen minutes, Sara’s flashing light stopped and Sara seemed to slump slightly against the railing. She was now all sweaty and her body paint was starting to run. “I think I need to go inside and wash this off,” she said.

“That will take oil,” Ace replied. “There are several bottles of baby oil in the shower. Rub yourself down good with that and it will take off the paint. Just remember to take off the g-clip and pasties first so you don’t get oil in them.”

Sara gave Ace a lopsided grin and wobbled back into the club.

Soon it was once again time for Ace to throw the giant necklace that marked the end of the night’s festivities from the balcony. Word of what had been happening the previous nights had evidently spread and college fratboys with cells phones and professional photographers with tripods and high extenders were gathered in the intersection awaiting the bevy of naked young women who were hoping for the big prize.

There were about eight or ten naked young women standing out in the street. Most of them saw what had happened the night before and were making themselves into stakes for Ace to try to drop the necklace around.Ace was swirling the necklace over his head trying to make his decision on which girl to lasso with the loop of beads when suddenly another girl ran onto the street naked from beneath the balcony.

This girl was glistening with oil and her wet hair hung down over her face. She ran out into the midst of the hopeful naked posts and suddenly bent over so that her head touched the pavement. Then, with a kick of her feet, she stood on her head, her feet sticking straight up into the air.

Ace continued to twirl the necklace as he watched the oiled girl slowly spread her legs front to back in a scissor kick and then open them totally wide to the side so that her glistening cunt was visible to everyone.Her body seemed to sparkle from the many flashes as photo after photo was taken of her most obscene pose.

Ace could see that the police officers were speaking into their shoulder mics and he made his decision. The glittering green necklace looped through the air and landed squarely over one of Sara’s outspread legs.

She immediately sprang to her feet and pulled the loop of the necklace up over her shoulder and ran back into the club before the officers could converge on her. A moment later she was standing in the door to the balcony with the necklace across her shoulder, slanting down to between her legs.It looked like she had won a very raunchy beauty pageant ribbon.

“Nobody could see my face,” she said with a loopy grin.

“But everybody could see all the rest of you,” Julie replied from inside the room behind her. “You are unbelievable!”

“Sara, Sara, Sara..., you are unique.” was all that Ace could say.

“And she’s mine,” murmured Joan as she took Sara back inside and to their room.


Tuesday night was the final night and there would be no midnight walk. At midnight the police and fire department would clear the streets of the French Quarter with riot shields and fire canons and Mardi Gras would be officially over. The people inside the clubs could continue to party, but it was not a good idea to go back out on the street until after about 2:00 am.By then the cops would have cleared the crowds from the streets and people who had to be out would stay on the sidewalks as they went back to their cars or hotels from the clubs.

Sara and The Three J’s got up around 3:00 in the afternoon and ate “breakfast” before going out on the streets for a short while.

“Remember you have to be back here at 5:00 for makeup,” reminded Ace as they left.

“We remember.We’ll be there,” they all said as they wandered down to some of the little shops that they wanted to at least go through while they were in town.

True to their word they arrived back at The Three Jacks a little before five and went directly up to the room where their costumes were kept. Ace, Betty Jo, Madam Tarue, and two assistants were waiting for them.

“Shouldn’t there be four makeup people?” Sara asked.

“I need to talk to you about that,” answered Ace. “After last night, I changed my mind about your costume, or at least most of it.”

“Then what will I be wearing?” she asked.

Ace held up his left hand.In it was what looked like one-half of a g-clip with a small black spade on one end of the band.The other end of the clip went into what appeared to be a smaller version of the dildo Sara had been wearing the previous night.

“And?” said Sara.

He held up his right hand. In it was a large bottle of baby oil. “Of course you will also be wearing your mask,” he said with a chuckle. “And these,” he added as he held up a pair of stick-on sandals that left her feet looking like she was barefoot.

The dildo portion of the g-clip was an anal dildo. The small black spade had a hinge in the middle of it which opened a soft clip on the back side that attached to Sara’s clit. “That’s to ensure that the most critical part of your anatomy remains covered,” Ace explained. “It has the same bright flashes if someone purchases, plus a few other interesting details.”

Sara smiled back at him. His previous interesting details had been very interesting indeed, as The Three J’s would find out tonight during their walk.

“Could you trigger it onto continuous when we are about a block from the club?” she asked.

“Do you know what you’re askin’ for?” he replied.

“Oh, I do,” she answered. “And I especially want to see Julie make that final block.”

“I would say that you are the Joker in the deck,” he replied, “But there is definitely only one of you and there are two Jokers.”

“Maybe I’m both of them at the same time.”

“Maybe you are,” Ace laughed.“Maybe you are.”


The van dropped the girls off at exactly 9:00. The trip over had been a little more difficult with The Three J’s all bent over in odd poses trying not to smudge their makeup. It was also more difficult for Kevin as he drove because almost everyone on the sidewalk was rapidly taking flash pictures of the van as it passed by.

When they finally arrived at the drop off point, the chaos of the streets became even worse as crowds of students with cell phones and professional photographers with high-end still and video equipment swarmed around the girls.The doorman at the Crowne Plaza stared intently, but made no move to call his security people into action. In fact, after he looked around quickly to see that no one was watching him, he raised his own cell phone to his face and began shooting video of Sara as she scurried toward Bourbon Street.

Once on the street, the crowd began pressing in tightly around them. It was impossible keep everyone’s hands off of the girl’s bodies, but the four security people tried their best. At one point a very drunk, very large college student stepped in front of Sara and reached out with both hands. “With one hand you get your boobs felt up, with the other you get your pussy rubbed. You make the choice.”

The security man who had been riding in the van with the girls appeared suddenly between Sara and the drunk. He held out both of his hands. In one was a large, bright orange, slip of paper. The other was gripped through a set of brass knuckles. In a voice that would freeze hell, he said, “With one hand you get a free drink at The Three Jacks. With the other you get a trip the hospital. You make the choice.”

It is amazing how fast some people can sober up. The student immediately said, “Got it,” and grabbed the coupon out of the bouncer’s huge hand. He then faded quickly into the crowd.

Right after they started moving again, the heart, diamond, and club on The Three J’s g-clips began flashing brightly. Sara stopped and looked at them with a big smile on her face waiting for the vibrators to kick in. The yelp from Julie told her when that occurred, and at the same time something bit Sara right between the legs. Her anal insert didn’t vibrate like the one in her pussy had done the night before, but it evidently put out a tens-like pulse and the spade clipped to her clit was a dual electrode that was delivering that severe shock directly through her delicate bud.

Sara stood with her legs wide, vibrating slightly with the electrical shock. The flashing and shocks repeated itself three times, then everything went quiet–except for Sara, who raised her hands above her head and yelled out, “Ace, I love you!”

Six more people made last minute reservations as Sara and The Three J’s wound their naked way through the crowd. When they crossed Orleans, Sara called one of the security men over to her and asked, “You got a cell phone on you?”

When he answered yes, she said, “Call Ace and remind him that it would make a great end to the walk if we flashed our way the last block into the club. Tell him I definitely want him to put it on continuous like he did last night.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“You betcha,” she answered.

As they crossed St. Ann’s street, all of the crotch emblems lit up with bright flashes and Sara’s clip began pulsing through her clit.

“Sara!” Julie shouted, struggling to maintain her walk. “You did this, didn’t you!”

Sara just smiled and kept walking.By the time they entered the club both Julie and Judy were panting heavily and having a lot of difficulty walking. Joan was very flushed, but seemed to be bearing up much better than the other two.

“We have to go up to the second balcony tonight,” Ace informed them at the door. “With walk-ins tonight, we’ve got a full house on the second floor... thanks to you girls.”

When they got to the upper balcony, the heart on Julie and the diamond on Judy were still flashing brightly. They had not removed the large jacks that were flashing above their heads. Both leaned against the iron railings breathing heavily and, driven by the throbbing inserts, were thrusting their pelvises against the air. Joan was a bit pale, but seemed to be riding out the vibrations.

Ron and Kevin stepped behind Julie and Judy and the girls cried out, “Get these things out of us.”

“Lean over,” Ron instructed and both girls gripped the balcony rail and leaned over as far as they could exposing their stuffed pussies to the boys.Both Ron and Kevin reached forward and slowly pulled the g-clips from between the girls legs. They were surprised to find the vibrating..., and glistening dildos attached to the g-clips.

“Take me,” said Judy. Ron looked at her a bit confused at first, but then she said “Now!” and Ron lowered his zipper and stepped between her legs. Kevin looked over at Julie, who blushed greatly, but nodded her head rapidly. Soon both boys were ramming themselves deeply into the girls gushing cunts.

Meanwhile, Sara and Joan cycled between kissing deeply and taking a break from the kiss to throw more beads to the street below.

“I think I will throw the big prize a little early tonight and then let you kids go off and enjoy yourself,” said Ace. He began twirling the giant necklace over his head and about a dozen girls on the streets below started stripping. One, who had evidently been there the night before, immediately stood on her head and began scissoring her legs.

“I don’t see anything new and unusual tonight,” Ace yelled down to the crowd.

Another girl started into what appeared to be a headstand, but instead stayed up on her hands and hand walked over so that she was front to front against one of the girls who remained standing. The standing girl grabbed the upside down girl around the legs and pulled her upward so that her face was even with the upside down girl’s cunt.She then wrapped her arms securely around the girl’s waist and buried her face between the her legs. The upside down girl was now holding tight around the standing girl’s waist and also had her face buried in her cunt.

“Now that is something you don’t see every day,” Sara yelled at him, and after a few more circles in the air above his arm, Ace let the necklace fly. The red necklace spun through the air and looped around the legs of the upside down girl. It continued to spin in a circle around both of them as it made its way to the ground. The two girls did not seem to notice, however, and remained locked in their strange embrace until one of the female officers tapped the upright girl on the shoulder and told her brusquely, “Time to move along.”

Only then did they break their embrace, slide the one girl back to the ground, pick up their hard-won necklace, and walk on up the street hand in hand. One of the other girls hoping for the necklace picked up a pile of discarded clothing and yelled after them, “Hey! You forgot your... ... oh, never mind,” then she too walked off down the street naked.

“I think its time for us to move along, too,” said Joan as she pulled Sara close. “Ace gave me the code for your clip and its got about another hours worth of battery in it.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” asked Sara as she pulled Joan toward their room.


Saturday morning The Three J’s and an S sat at the Louis Armstrong Airport waiting for their flight home. It had, of course, been delayed due to weather and they were passing the time discussing their adventures at Mardi Gras.

“What totally surprised me,” said Judy, “was how normal the rest of New Orleans is. I mean, you get out of the French Quarter and it is just another city with shops and factories and malls and horrible traffic and all of that.”

“What surprised me,” said Julie, “was how rapidly the French Quarter got back to business. I always thought that Mardi Gras was this giant party that erupted once a year, but its party time down there every night. It just gets bigger and wilder at Mardi Gras.” She took a deep breath and fanned herself artificially with one hand. “... a lot bigger, and a whole lot wilder.”

“And that’s about the wildest you have ever gotten in public,” chided Joan. “I couldn’t believe it when you and Kevin did it right there on the balcony in front of hundreds of people.”

Julie’s face reddened considerably and she said, “Nobody knew it was me, and you couldn’t really see what we were doing. Nothing showed from the front.”

“But you were two stories in the air,” piped up Sara. “People weren’t looking from the front. They were looking from below, and believe me, they could see everything!”

Julie looked at her in total shock.

“And they could see Kevin, so eventually somebody is going to figure out who you are.”

Julie gasped in shock and started to almost hyperventilate.

This time it was Judy who said, “Sara!” Then she turned to Julie and said, “Don’t you remember? Ron and Kevin were always wearing masks when we went out on the balcony.Ace insisted on it. He said if his was the only face visible, they would have to identify him in any stories that came up in the newspapers.”

Julie calmed down slightly and then turned to the giggling Sara and gave an especially frustrated, “Sara!”

Sara started to say something else when Joan tapped her on the shoulder and pointed to the television. There was some sort of boring “New Orleans Week in Review” show playing and the girls had been ignoring it, but the image now on the screen was of Sara in all her oiled glory and The Three J’s in their skimpy g-clips and pasties winding their way through the crowds that final night of Mardi Gras.

The announcer was saying, “And the big mystery of the week is: Who was ‘The Ace of Bourbon Street?’ ACE Eastman, the Fourth, son of the owner of The Three Jacks, came up with what has to be one of the best advertising campaigns we have seen in many years as he had his ‘Three Jacks and an Ace’ parade down Bourbon street twice each night during the final week of Mardi Gras.”

“Oooh, he used the P word. Ace isn’t going to like that.” said Joan.

Images of the girls from each of the nights sequenced on the screen as the announcer continued, “The private club that Ace opened for one night skated through a loophole in the law, and so did his advertising campaign. Police Superintendent Serpas said, ‘A lot goes on down in the quarter at Mardi Gras that borders on illegal. This stood right on the fence, but it was still legal and we had to let it go.’”

The image on the screen then switched to in front of the club. Sara could be seen dashing out of the front door glistening and totally naked and then doing her headstand in the middle of the street. A black square censored out her genitals, but her breasts were clearly visible. The announcer said, “Even in this now-viral video of what everyone believes to be ‘The Ace of Bourbon Street,’ her face is never visible–even though that is the only part of her body that is not fully on display.

The TV then cut to a talking head shot as the announcer finished up with “Although their pictures will be circulating on the internet for a long, long time, it appears that we will never know who these four young women were. One of the technicians here at the studio has even used facial and body recognition software to compare them to everything from local mug shots to security footage at the airport to the yearbooks at the school that Ace the fourth attends. But despite all that, we are still unable to identify any of them. So to our mystery women of Mardi Gras whoever you are, “Good bye and PLEASE come back next year.”

Sara fingered the large beaded necklace she was wearing and said to Joan, “Maybe we should do that, and perhaps start with smaller costumes on the first night.”

Julie responded with a “Sara!” that was almost loud enough to drown out the speakers as their flight was called.

Judy, however, heard the announcement and said, “That’s us!”

So, The Three J’s and an S moved toward the gate to board the flight home. Their adventure at Mardi Gras was over... for this year.


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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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Three J's and an S Go To Mardi Gras